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1- ¿What are the opening days and times of Talampaya National Park?

Every day of the year (365 days). Fall and winter times: 8.30am to 5.30pm, with the last tour leaving at 4.30pm.Spring and summer: from 8.00am to 6pm, and the last tour starts at 5.30pm.

2- ¿Are the tours held every day?

Yes, all 365 of them, even Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. They start at approximately 1-hour intervals.

3- ¿Do the tours get cancelled due to bad weather?

Yes, on rainy days the activities get partially of fully cancelled. Statistically, this is only 3 days a year, during January and February.

4- ¿Can I go in the Park and do the tours with my own vehicle?

Unfortunately, no. The field trips are only possible on board of APN (Spanish acronym for National Parks Administration) authorized vans. This is for preservation and visitor handling purposes.

5- ¿What are the payment methods available when hiring a tour?

Cash, or bank deposit in the company's account.

6- ¿What are the tour options?

There are several. The most representative of the National Park is the Talampaya Canyon tour, which takes about 2.45 hours, followed by the Los Cajones tour, totalling approximately 4.30 hours.

7- ¿Is the Park entrance fee included in the tour price?

People living abroad:*$ 80 c / u.
Residents in Argentina:*$ 35 c / u.
College students with ID as such:*$ 20 c / u.
People from La Rioja residents: *$ 20 c / u.
Local residents, under 16, over 65 and retirees seeking accreditation.
Remis *$ 12.
Combis to 15 seats: *$ 15 per vehicle.
Vehicle seats 16-30:*$ 25 per vehicle.
Vehicle seating 30 or more:*$ 60 per vehicle.

* (Argentine pesos)

8- ¿Should I bring any items with me to the field trips?

Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a hat.

9- ¿What are the services and facilities within Talampaya Canyon Tourist Complex?

There is an operation centre, where you can hire the tours; a restaurant; a provision store, toilets, regional souvenir shops, a parking garage, Park ranger offices, a lounge, a camping ground and semi-public phones.

10- ¿Is there accommodation at Talampaya National Park?

Only camping. You can find several hotels in Villa Unión, only 55 Kms away.

11- ¿How far is Villa Unión from Talampaya National Park?

55 Kms, and La Rioja is 200 Kms.

12- ¿What is the temperature?

It depends. Summer temperatures are about 39º C, and the evenings are rather cold. Winter temperatures may reach as low as 0ºC at night, but the temperature range is wide, reaching 20º to 25ºC during the day.

13- ¿What is the tour schedule?

Tours start at approximately 1-hour intervals.

14- ¿Can I buy regional products and local handicrafts at the park?

Yes, there is a souvenir shop within the commercial complex.

15- ¿Are there ATMs at Talampaya National Park?

No, you may find them in Villa Unión, which is 55 Kms away.

16- ¿Where can I find petrol stations?

The closest petrol stations are in Villa Unión, 55 Kms away; Patquia at 140 Kms; and Valle Fértil, 120 Kms away.

17- ¿What other attractions can I visit in the area?

We recommend taking the full Talampaya tour, which includes the canyon and Los Cajones, and lasts about 4.30 hours. Also within the National Park, you can take the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) excursion. Laguna Brava and Cuesta de Miranda are excellent options outside the park premises.

18- ¿Is there a place to eat at Talampaya National Park?

Yes, there is a restaurant offering appealing menus, a variety of sandwiches and a café. They also serve dinner upon reservation.

19- ¿Can I bring my pet?

Only if wearing a leash, pets may enter the Park. As per National Park regulations, no pets are allowed on any of the tours, regardless of species or size. You may leave pets at the reception complex while taking the tours.

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